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Wanting to Be Loved - cover     Wanting to Be Loved
A Spiritual Perspective on Love, Sex and Relationships

Neroli Duffy with Peter Duffy

To love and be loved is central to life. Yet all around us, we see people looking for love and not finding it--often settling for something less.

One reason is that love is not just about attraction and feelings--as powerful as these can be. There is a spiritual dimension that is even more important, yet often overlooked or not understood.

Wanting to Be Loved provides a higher perspective on the quest for love. Here are some of the keys you will find here:

Explore the mystery and beauty of love in all its dimensions, and find the love you are looking for.

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Wanting to Be Free - cover     Wanting to Be Free
A Spiritual Approach to Addiction and Recovery

Neroli Duffy

Millions of people are beset by addiction. Whether drugs, alcohol or behavioral addictions such as gambling and pornography, the human cost is enormous—both for the victims and their families. Many yearn for freedom but don’t find this through existing treatment programs, where the relapse rate is often high.

A missing ingredient in most programs is an awareness of the unseen forces behind addiction. Known for centuries, these forces are often overlooked in the modern scientific approach to disease and healing.

Wanting to Be Free explores the spiritual dimension of addiction and presents an integrated approach to recovery. Combining spiritual techniques with the most effective mental, emotional and physical therapies, it outlines a unique pathway for those pursuing the path to true freedom.

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From the Darkness to the Light - cover     From the Darkness to the Light
My Journey with the Masters

Rev. Paul Kwame Kyei

My journey in this life began in a small village in Ghana, in West Africa. My father was a fetish priest, a practitioner of our traditional religion. As a boy, I became a Christian, the first in my family to do so. I served in the Methodist Church for many years, and I was known there as a fiery preacher.

Then I found the ascended masters, the great souls of East and West, from all races and religions, who have returned to God in the ritual of the ascension. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, their messenger, became my mentor and teacher.

I have followed the path of the masters and their teachings for nearly forty years. In those years I have witnessed miracles and passed through many tests and challenges. I have seen black magic and witchcraft and felt their effects. I have seen how the Light overcomes the Darkness. Through it all, the masters have never left me.

This is the story of my journey. My hope is that what I have written may shed some light on the path for those who follow.

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Soul Freedom cover     Soul Freedom
The Life of a Spiritual Warrior

Gene Vosseler
with Wanda Vosseler and Neroli Duffy

Rev. E. Gene Vosseler has been a warrior of the Spirit and a devotee of the Christ and the Buddha for decades. As he has walked this path he has seen his life unfold in three distinct phases.

The first was his youth and service as a fourth-generation Lutheran minister. In those thirty-eight years he served as a missionary in British Guiana, raised five children, and built a thriving church in Hawaii. It was a life of outer success. But it did not feed his soul.

The second phase was a time of “divine dis­content.” He left the Lutheran church, explored Taoism, became a Unitarian minister for two years, was arrested with Joan Baez in an antiwar protest, studied under a Buddhist master, and built and lost a multimillion dollar corporation—all in a twelve-year search for spiritual truth.

The third phase began at the age of fifty, when Gene found the ascended masters and his spiritual teacher, Elizabeth Clare Prophet. He also met his twin flame, Wanda. He says this was when his real life began.

The mystic in Gene found expression as he travelled all over America and the world with a message of higher consciousness. He became a minister again, taught Buddhism and Taoism at Summit University, took on leadership roles, and went through the inner tests and trials of chelaship and the spiritual path.

The warrior in Gene would take on anyone—from Marxist professors to movie stars—in the defense of the truth as he saw it. He led a grassroots movement against Soviet participation in the 1984 Olympics and two national campaigns for strategic defense.

In this book Gene candidly reveals his inner walk as the mystic and the warrior became one. It is the story of an ordinary man and his extraordinary life—a spiritual warrior and his personal quest for Soul Freedom.

The life lessons he shares can assist each of us in the liberation of our own soul.

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10,001 cover     10,001
The Birth of the Avatars, the Battle of Armageddon, and the Future of Planet Earth

Ralph Yaney

Esoteric tradition and modern prophecy tell us we are at a turning of ages. Many believe that the final battle of light and darkness will soon be upon us. Some know it as the Battle of Armageddon.

But the war is here—now. Many times it is silent, unseen. The beasts and armies of Revelation are often visible only to those with inner sight—even though they are no less real than the armies of this world. And on the outcome of this physical/spiritual battle hangs the fate of worlds.

10,001 blows the cover on the forces of darkness. Their strategies are revealed. They have a plan. At last, what we read in the news each day makes sense.

Find out what is really happening on planet Earth.

Knowledge is power.
Chart your course.
Fulfill your mission.

Includes 49 pages of dictations from the ascended masters through Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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Journey through Cancer - cover     Journey through Cancer
A Guide to Integrating Complementary and Spiritual healing with Conventional Treatment

Neroli Duffy

One in four people will be faced with cancer during their lifetime. No matter what the location or type of tumor, the most effective treatment addresses the whole person.

Journey through Cancer provides a roadmap for healing at all levels—body, mind and spirit. It shows you how to:

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The Practical Mystic - cover     The Practical Mystic:
Life-Lessons from Conversations with Mrs. Booth

Neroli Duffy

A great sage once said, “Little keys unlock the biggest doors.” For the serious student on the spiritual path, this book contains keys that can unlock many doors. They are drawn from episodes in the life of Annice Booth, who for more than forty years has been a student of the ascended masters and their messengers Mark Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Annice is a true mystic. She occasionally had transcendent spiritual experiences, and she was at times more in the etheric plane than the physical. Yet she knew that this was a lifetime to be in the world and to work.

Her stories—sometimes funny, often surprising—illustrate unexpected truths about the spiritual path and the Guru-chela relationship. They show the tests and initiations that come to anyone who would pursue higher consciousness.


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